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Testimonials & Reviews

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The best orthodontists in town!
“I would recommend Gersch Orthodontics to anyone who wants outstanding results in a warm and caring, yet professional environment. My son’s smile is even more beautiful, thanks to Drs. Stanley and Scott Gersch!”
— Michael A.

Gersch Orthodontics rules
“I love the father-son team scenario. They set a high standard of both professionalism and overall patient complete care. All of the workers are so friendly too. I am 42 and went with the clear porcelain and I couldn’t be happier :)......”
— Richie L.

When others said it couldnt be done
“I’d been told by another orthodontist that it would be impossible to straighten my very crowded, adult teeth without braces. Thankfully for me, the real issue was finding the right Invisalign professionals, and I am loving the results. I also very much appreciate that Drs. Gersch are completely committed to a perfect result, using their own creative, custom solutions in addition to Invisalign to get there without additional cost to me. Beyond all this, whenever I go to the office or even call on the phone, I’m recognized by name and treated like an old friend by everyone in the office, making the entire experience superior to almost any other doctor’s visit, personally and professionally. I have and will continue to recommend them to friends, family, and colleagues in the area.”
— Ida W.

Service with a smile!
“You will not find a more professional and down-to-earth dental practice than Gersch Orthodontics. Everyone in the office is friendly ... ALWAYS. Drs. Stan and Scott have incredible credentials ... they are the best at what they do, not only in our area, but among the best in the nation. Top that off with a caring spirit, and you have a winning combination. Whenever I’ve emailed with questions, Drs. Stan or Scott have quickly replied. I can’t praise this orthodontic team enough.”
— Barbara W.

Gersch Orthodontics rocks!
“I’ve been coming here for almost 2 years and got my braces off a few months ago and my teeth are awesome. My older brother and sister also got their orthodontic treatment by Drs. Stanley and Scott Gersch and they truly ROCK! Everyone always compliments us on our great smiles. Now my Mom even plans on getting Invisalign. Our family loves Gersch Orthodontics!!”
— Stuart U.

What an amazing place!
“My son’s first visit to the orthodontist was such an enjoyable experience. Everyone from the receptionists to the doctors were so kind and patient. My son tells me he can’t wait to go back. Thank you!"
— Rachael Y.

5-star service
“The staff is great, with an outstanding attitude as well as the doctors. The doctors are very knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and fun and the check-ups are thorough and they suggest many options for treatments and payments.”
— Anonymous

Gersch Orthodontist is a well-run business!
“Both of my daughters have had braces from this business. My first daughter had the Dad (Stanley) and then he brought his son into the office (Scott). Both are very friendly and skilled men. The women who run the desk are very nice and they have been very helpful in working out financial agreements that are manageable. All of the financial arrangements are done in a private office. The office itself is very modern and beautiful! My daughters love the little ‘goody bag’ they each got when they got their braces on, and they still wear their ‘frog with braces’ T-shirt!”
— Emma H.

My awesome Gersch experience
“When I first set foot in Dr. Gersch’s office, I liked the waiting room design because I liked the fish tank, the music, and the Food channel that was on because I LOVE food, haha. I also liked the Xbox 360 because there was never a game console in a doctor’s office. When I went to get my teeth checked, I enjoyed the service of Dr. Gersch and his staff. I really enjoyed coming here!”
— Kevin D.

Outstanding service!
“From the second I walk through the door, I am greeted with a welcoming ‘Hello. How are you?’ which not only shows that the staff is professional, but kind-hearted as well. The staff really tries to get to know you, and treat you more than just a patient. That being said, I would most definitely recommend Drs. Stanley and Scott Gersch to anyone who is considering getting braces.”
— Timothy

The fantastic Gersch doctors
“From the day I stepped in to your office I’ve been taken care of very nicely. You can see that you care about your patients, both children and adults! You guys both have your specialties, and will never lose them! Thank you!”
— Charlotte G.

Gersch Orthodontics is absolutely GREAT
“When I was teaching third grade Dr. Gersch came to speak to my class. After a brief conversation I knew that this was the place to go for Invisalign! I recommend Gersch Orthodontics to everyone!”
— Kenny K.

My son and I are both Invisalign patients of Gersch Orthodontics
“I have been very impressed with the time and care taken with each of us to explain the treatment and understand our goals for the outcome. I was especially pleasantly surprised when I received a call at home from Dr. Gersch the day after I received my braces to make sure everything was going well. Great personal touch!”
— Pamela R.

Excellent care
“I like how Dr. Gersch schedules appointments around my school days because I hate to miss any school; and he’s never so busy that I have to wait long. We have been to both offices and they are both clean, cheery, and welcoming. All of the staff members are very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Nobody is ever too busy to talk to you or help you.”
— Caroline M.

A more than satisfied patient
“Having come to the end of my several-year association with the Drs. Gersch, I can attest to the professionalism and quality care consistently provided. The doctors have been responsive to my needs, and their staff has succeeded in creating a comfortable, trusting environment which is conducive to the happy ending I was able to attain. My Invisaligns worked beautifully! I couldn’t be happier. Thanks, Drs. Gersch and staff!!”
— Lorraine M.

Simply the BEST
“It is very rare that you go to a doctor’s office and get treated as well as you do at Dr Gersch’s office. Everyone is pleasant from the moment you pick up the phone to the time that you leave the office after an appointment. The doctors are knowledgeable and caring and they truly listen to what the patient wants. The fact that you never have to wait is an added bonus! Our family is very happy here and would recommend them to all our family and friends!”
— Anonymous

“I love the atmosphere of everything. And have told all my friends to go there for braces.”
— Olivia D.

Great smiles and services
“You make an appointment with Gersch Orthodontics office because you want to make improvements to your smile; you stay because of the outstanding service! It is a great experience to walk in and be met with great service from friendly and helpful staff who are not ever too busy to share their smiles with the customers. Great environment, helpful and knowledgeable staff. I would highly recommend it to anyone."
— Claudia S.

Friendly environment and professional
“Environment was friendly and professional and the doctor was great met my expectations. Would recommend to family and friends.”
— Beatrice

Exceptional Invisalign!
“The Drs. Gersch are outstanding professionals and the level of attention and care is exceptional. When other orthodontists said my daughter wouldn’t be a good candidate for Invisalign, Dr. Gersch explained clearly why she would be. The results are amazing and we are all extremely pleased. In addition to being consummate professionals, they and their staff really care for their patients -- the office is always a pleasant place to be. Now, how many dentists’ offices are associated with such positive experiences?! They are truly in a class by themselves.”
— Bill Y.

A SMILE every time
“We are so happy we chose Gersch Orthodontics for my son’s unbelievably crooked teeth!! Without extraction or pain, his smile is beautiful! The office is spotless, the staff is SO great--helpful and kind--we smile every time we drive by the office! Thanks!! :)”
—Dea L.

Excellent service
“Excellent service by the doctors + a helpful and pleasant staff = great results!”
—Luci W.

Great and amazing
“Great assistants, great office, and amazing results.They know what they’re doing!”
— Tyler Z.

Great for kids and adults!
“My husband and I have been coming to Gersch Orthodontics over the past year for Invisalign. I chose Gersch Orthodontics after reading about them in New Jersey Monthly in the Top Dentists issue and because of their extensive experience and education. They are both Invisalign ELITE Premier Providers (less than 1% of Invisalign providers hold this distinction) and this was important to me.”
— Diane E.

Kids love it
“Gersch has the nicest people and it’s great for kids my age.”
— Trey P.

Simply the best
“Great office atmosphere, kind and caring staff, friendly doctors. What else would anyone ask for???”
— Lisa M.

Traditional braces or Invisalign = the place to go!
“Both of the dentists as well as the staff are very good at their job. They are very kind, friendly, and they make you feel comfortable in every stage that you go through. This is the place to go to get braces or Invisalign. I definitely would recommend this to all my friends and family. They always run on time and every staff member greets you with a smile. It’s a nice place to go.”
— Andrew C.

Highly recommended
“Both the doctors as well the staff are excellent in their job, very friendly, listening and make you comfortable in every single visit. Definitely would recommend to family and friends.”
—Kiru T.

“Gersch Orthodontics was a great place to be even if I didn’t have the greatest of teeth. Both Dr. Gersches were amazing; even the entire staff was always considerate and kind. I would not be as happy as I am without the lot of you. Thank you all.”
—Conal D.

Team Gersch!
“To be honest, I can’t even describe in words how amazing it is and how grateful I am to be a patient of Gersch Orthodontics. First of all, whenever I walk into the office I am filled with happiness and satisfaction. Also, I am not worried about my teeth since I am under the care of such a professional orthodontist and their team members. Not only that, but a visit to their office is very pleasing.”
—Mikolaj B.

I ♥ this place
“This is a very nice place; when I walk in the door, the staff always greets me for my appointments. I don’t need to wait months to get on a waiting list. I LOVE this place :) Come here.”
—Madyson P.

Gentle and kind
“I personally really like this orthodontist. They are so gentle and kind.”
—Eryk L.

Always on time
“I love this office. They always run on time and every staff member greets you with a smile. The Drs. Gersch have made my daughter very comfortable through this whole process. So glad we chose them.”
— Kristin C.

I love my teeth
“The staff at Gersch Orthodontics makes you feel right at home and make it a 100% comfortable/pleasant experience. It’s only because they actually care for you. I love my teeth! and ohh did I say I LOVE MY TEETH! haha. As soon as you’re done with your appointment, you’re sent to make your next appointment and if you just so happen to not know when you have time, Gersch Orthodontics will email you or just tell you to call them and schedule one. I’ve been going there since i was little and they never seem to disappoint. I highly recommend this place to anyone in need of a wonderful smile.”
— Chris R.

Never a wait
“The staff is very friendly, highly knowledgeable, and extremely organized. They never keep you waiting long for your appointment. They also work with you to schedule your next appointment for whenever is convenient for you. In short, they are wonderful and professional. Highly recommended."
— Aaron B.

Thank you!
“My teeth are spectacular! I have a million-dollar smile, thanks to Dr. Gersch. They have an awesome team. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.”
— Myra M.

Fabulous service with a smile :-)
“Gersch Orthodontics is wonderful! Both doctors are great and my boys love going. Everyone is always friendly and so supportive. The doctors and staff are terrific. If you want a perfect smile in a friendly atmosphere, then Gersch Orthodontics is the place to be!”
— Kathie S.

Best place for braces
“I was referred by my dentist of over 25 years to Gersch Orthodontics and I trusted she would only send me to the best place for braces and she didn’t fail me. They are very professional & friendly. :)”
— Elaine R.

Invisalign ELITE
“Gersch Orthodontists are the best!! We travel almost 45 minutes to each visit because of their expertise. When others said no to Invisalign, they said yes, pointed out the potential issues, and now, as we near the end, it’s all perfect!!! Truly the leaders in the field.”
— Marie Y.